Ringsport is the French Method of Police dog Training.  There is a lot of biting in Ringsport, so if you have a dog that doesn't like to bite, then you don't have the right dog for Ringsport.  There is an obedience exercise that the dog must go thru, heeling on and off leash, a Defense of Handler in response to gunfire, and a face attack that the dog must attack a decoy at least 40 yards away and return to the handler and be within 1 meter of the handler upon returning.  To complete the face attack, the dog must go thru the challange of the stick, which the decoy holds between himself and the dog; the dog must show no fear, and go thru the threat of the stick to get to the decoy.  In these pictures you see  Frankenfaust Anulus Ignis, (Mangle), the first Airedale in North America to qualify for the French Ringsport Brevet title. 

And this is just the brevet, the qualifying exercise the dog needs to go on to get his Ring 1,  II, and III.

There is much, much, more.