About Us


Was the main stud in the kennel from 2007 to 2015.  He is presently enjoying the retired life.  27" tall, about 88 lbs.


Red Rufus, is Timba's brother, and was the 2nd stud at the kennel during the same time.  Again, he is retired also.  26" tall, 85lbs.   Deceased.


Present stud at the kennel is Gucci, a product of Rufus and Anna.  26" tall, 80lbs.

Stud Fees and Conditions

Stud Fee

1250.00 Non refundable

However, we do offer 1 return  services after the initial, (total of 2),  and you can use them on 2 different females if you choose to do so.

And, up to 1 year to do so

And , if we have more than one stud. you are free to go to the 2nd one , or bounce between them as you choose.  

And That, is the best we can do for you.

So, be sure your female is healthy, and everything will turn out ok..