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95% of our dogs are sold as family pets.

Many of the dogs posted in these pictures are shown in hunting, or in professional protection scenes. 


So, in spite of what you see in the pictures, I am showing you what

your dog could be doing, with professional training.  However, most people just want a nice pet; and that is exactly what you will get from Frankenfaust Airedales.  You will get a wonderful family dog, a natural protector of your children and home, 



When people see you with your dog, they will ask you about him; his coat will be glowing, his temperment resolute and fearless, and his body showing strength and soundness.

   We bought a female Airedale puppy from you in late February.   I just
wanted to tell you this is

 I just wanted to tell you this is the most incredible dog I have ever known. 
This was our first Airedale and she has far passed our expectations. I
have  had dogs, but I don't think there has ever been one that I have been so pleased with. She is beautiful, happy, and eager to please.
Thank you  for my Bella

Satisfied Customers