Wild Boar Hunting

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These dogs, mostly mixed breeds, caught this hog in south Texas. You can see the Airedale on the hog’s snout in the upper left hand corner of the picture. This hog was about 200 lbs., some of them go much larger. This hog is about played out now, cause she isn’t fighting much. A big male would have tusks, (female tusk are much smaller), and would be trying to eviscerate the dogs with the tusks. Such an act usually kills the dog, because his tusks are sharp, and the tusks literally rip the dog open, and do considerable damage. This hunting is not for the faint of heart.

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This is another shot of the same fight. Belle, the Airedale is seen on the hog’s snout. She is really more of a call dog, (calls out loudly when she has the first scent of the hog), than a catch dog, (grabs the hog when it stops running), but here, she is holding her own with the best of the catch dogs. Incidentally, were this a male, it is one of the more dangerous places to grab a hog.

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Written on the back of this picture “#3 Wild hog of the nite. Bear was 13 months old. He would attack very hard. One of the hardest hitting dogs on a hog. He would wear himself out”. I sent Bear to Reuben when he was about 12 weeks old, then I sent him Belle, (above photo).

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This is about a 250 lb. sow, (female), hog after she was field dressed. She was chased by the dogs for about 2 hours in the cold Texas nite before she succumbed. It took the guys about 10 minutes to field dress her, and about 40 minutes to cut up the carcass and have it on ice.

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Same red sow in the above picture. The Airedales are on the left, you can barely make them out by markings, cause they are covered in blood. Like I said before, this is not for the faint of heart. The dogs in the former pictures that I had sent, Belle, was lost on a hog hunt, and Bear was killed by a car.