About Us

We began at Frankenfaust Airedales in 1971. Looking for a dog that could do the work of a good watchdog, protection trained dog, or professionally trained dog. At that time, many people did not even know what an Airedale was, and the folk that did know would usually say, “An Airedale, boy, they used to be some tough dogs”. Most of these people were older folk, (I was in my twenties at the time, so now I qualify for that age group). Many years have passed since then, and I have found, I believe, Airedales that are just as tough as the dogs reknowned in the past. I like large dogs, and most of the Airedales I found were not large. Even the kennels breeding large dogs at the time, (Ouachita, Mooreland, etc.), I found that the dogs really had poor conformation when they got large; they were just big. I, however, wanted a large dog that also had good conformation like the smaller Airedales, and it became more and more apparent that I was going to have to breed it, if I was to ever get it.

[frame_center src=”https://frankenfaustairedales.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Louie_jpeg-e1365768524556.jpg” href=”https://frankenfaustairedales.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Louie_jpeg-e1365768524556.jpg”]Ruffles Louie[/frame_center]

The dog pictured above, Louie, was my first male Airedale. I really began to appreciate the Airedale when I got him; he taught me many things. His coat was a little on the soft side, but not too bad. He was a squarely built dog, and everywhere you would touch him, his muscles were hard as a brick. Pound for pound, he was stronger than most dogs that were inches taller. Pound for pound, most Airedales are stronger than any dog their size, but you will only find a few who have the extra toughness of flesh that comes from those rock hard muscles. Louie was a great watch dog, but not a good guard dog, as he would bark. Training would not take him to the higher level of a guard dog, but Louie was a great family dog, and when he died, I cried like a baby. What I wanted from Louie, was every trait I admired in him, and then some. I wanted a dog a little larger, with his rock hard muscles, his great personality that leaded him to be such a great companion, a little more train ability, and a more resolute temperament that would lend itself to high level protection training such as Schutzhund, (the German method of police dog training, or Ringsport, the French method of police dog training. All of this of course, without losing any of the Airedales superb hunting qualities. Take a look at the pictures on various pages, and tell me what you think.