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Puppies are available from Frankenfaust Kennels usually on a reserved basis. We occasionally have some grown dogs for sale, which are sold as are our puppies, with health guarantees. If you want a dog for schutzhund, ringsport, PSA, or any type of sport dog training, the cost will be $900.00/male or female, with the same guarantees. There are usually only one or two in a litter. A word now about all the pictures; these dogs are as loving and gentle as any Airedale in the world. Some of them have had professional training for police or security work, this does not make them unsuitable for the home environment. In fact, it makes them even more reliable. A trained dog will respond only to the stimulus; an untrained dog may respond to anything, responding even out of fear. We have shipped dogs to California, New York, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Oregon; basically all over the United States, and Europe. We give a 5 day health guarantee on all pups, and a 2 year guarantee on congenital defects. All pups are guaranteed on a replacement policy, no money is refunded. At Frankenfaust, we like to promote the protective nature of the Airedale; we like strong, sturdy, well-boned dogs of superior size, and sound temperament. We detest shy dogs, as this is an abomination in the Airedale. Any dog you purchase from us will be a K-9 athlete, he will draw attention whether he is sitting down, or moving. If you like what you see here, and you decide that you want a puppy from our kennel, the best thing to do is to call us at 706-331-0658, leave a message if you don't get an answer, and you will receive a call back within 24 hours.
Extra price for a shipped dog only reflects our transportation cost to the airport, plus vet certificate, rabies shot, and crate. This does not include airfreight charges. All dogs are shipped Air Express Collect.

Deposits are refundable, ONLY if FrankenFaust Airedales cannot deliver a puppy.

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